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Tips on Designing a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your New Business

Tips on Designing a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your New Business

Starting a new business? A good marketing campaign is what helps a new business grow faster and better. Marketing is a process of reaching out to customers and making them know about your products or services.

What Is a Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign is a well thought-out plan or strategy to execute new ideas of marketing a product or service. A marketing campaign cannot be designed overnight. One needs to carefully plan a campaign. This involves studying the market, the existing players in the market, the extent of the competition, the pricing of similar products, and the advantages of the products offered by the new business.

Marketing Media and Their Effectiveness

Once one has got a clear understanding of the marketing field for the new product, one needs to analyze the effectiveness of different marketing media. There are print media, like the brochures, paper advertisements, and handouts. Then, there are Internet media, like Internet advertising, targeted e-mail, and online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. The other marketing media are trade shows, exhibitions, get-togethers, product awareness campaigns, contests to increase customer participation, television ads, and many more.

Choice of Marketing Media

For a new business, a cost-effective way of reaching the customers is important. A marketing campaign will be successful if a combination of these marketing media is used rather than sticking to just one or two. This is because, with improvements in technology, people's inclinations toward print media or television ads have changed. Online marketing and, to a great extent, social media marketing are playing major roles in deciding the fate of new or existing products in the market.

Target Customer Group

Another factor to be considered in deciding on the type of marketing media is the target customer category. Are the products being catered to women? Are they for children? Figure out the specific age group that is likely to purchase the product or that is likely to benefit the most from the product. These are primary or secondary target customers. If the target customers are youngsters, then social media like Internet discussion forums, Facebook, Twitter, and other such online groups are the best media for a marketing campaign.

Specifics: Incentives, Discounts, Offers, Free Trials, and More

Keeping this in mind, one should choose a combination of media. Once the marketing media are chosen, the next step is the plan how the campaign will be executed. What kind of e-mail will be sent out the customers, what television ads will be placed, and what factors will drive the customers to buy the new product? It is a good idea to include some incentives for the new customers to buy new products, either in the form of deep discounts, or trial offers, or a returns with no questions asked policy, which will likely push new customers to try the new product.

An effective marketing campaign design is one that is clear about the marketing media, their effectiveness, and the target customers.

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