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advertising process

 advertising process

The advertisements that we see in newspapers, magazines, on roadside hoardings or on television, or on the Internet take a lot of work. An advertisement passes through various stages from its initial planning stage to its execution. In addition, it also includes groups of people specialized in different fields. Such as experts in management, copy editing, creative writing, photography, videography, acting, etc.

Following are the basic steps in developing and executing an advertisement –

Typical Workflow in an Advertising Agency


job performance

initial phase

● Idea briefing to an advertising agency

● Internal discussion

● market research relevant to advertising (to find competitors, customer behavior, and target audience)

● media selection (print, electronic, or outdoor)

● Fixing the budget

stages of development

● Designing and production of advertising (creative/copywriting, filming, etc.)

● Internal Review/Editing

● Presentation to the customer and taking his final approval

● Final output of advertisement

● Pre-testing

● Approval from the concerned authority

● Fixing the time and place for the release of the advertisement

execution phase

● Media scheduling and media booking

● Submitting media to live

after execution

● Media release monitoring

● Measuring Performance

● Noting down customer reviews

● Market response


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