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Integrated Marketing Communications

In the 1980s, many companies adopted a unified policy that did not rely solely on advertising.

They incorporate various promotional tools and marketing activities to communicate with their target audience. Their combined strategy works as expected. Later it became a trend.

Elements of Integrated Marketing Communications

The following figure shows the key elements of integrated marketing communications:

Coordinated advertising covers a wide region and incorporates the accompanying parts:

Advertising – Advertising plays a vital role in increasing the visibility of your products.

Social Media - Social media (like Facebook, YouTube, etc.) is a tool/medium to promote your business.

Employee Branding - A trusted employment brand that communicates well with your company's culture, goals, and values ​​and gives people a compelling reason to work and stay with your company/organization. Today, all companies use practice branding strategies.

Conventions and Events - Conventions and events are activities that take place at specific times and places to promote a brand. The organizing body mainly invites the potential audience and also advertises them through various mediums to invite more and more people to the conference/event.

Corporate Responsibilities - Corporations have responsibilities to groups and individuals that may affect their business. For example, stakeholders (such as employees, customers, suppliers, communities, etc.) and society at large. Therefore, corporate responsibility recommends that the corporation adhere to ethical principles and treat all stakeholders with honesty, respect, and integrity.

Fondness Marketing - Affinity showcasing is a type of social holding with different associations and clients who share comparative interests. This law increases brand loyalty and market awareness for both companies and products.

Partnership - A partnership is an association of two or more persons/companies/organizations. Usually, two individuals or companies agree to work in partnership for the same goal.

Financial Communication - Financial communication aims to bridge the gap between investment decision-makers and financial experts for financial transactions.

Public Relations - Public relations is an important strategy that establishes friendly relations between a company or organization and the public.

Direct Marketing - Direct marketing is the strategy of selling products/products to customers through various means. For example, mail, telephone, etc. Retailers have no role in direct marketing.


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