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Interactive Marketing

The technological revolution has brought about dramatic changes in the size, frequency, and effectiveness of marketing communications

The growing trend of Internet technology has paved the way for reciprocal marketing. The Internet hosts human communication in a way that affects thousands of visitors at once.

What is Reciprocal Marketing?

Interactive marketing is an extension of direct marketing using advanced techniques. Specifically, it provides two-way communication between seller and buyer. Interactive marketing is also called "digital marketing". Troy Sabin illustrates reciprocal marketing with the following examples:

The advantage of interactive marketing is that it communicates accurately with the individual/audience and can easily customize the message, which is user-friendly.

Examples of reciprocal marketing

In today's world of interactive marketing, it's all about the approach. For example, a purchase on a computer or mobile phone is just a few clicks away.

Below are some of the major platforms that provide interactive marketing solutions: www.amazon.com, www.flipkart.com, www.ebay.com, etc.

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What is Reciprocal Marketing?

Give some real-life examples of interactive marketing.

Define the different platforms of interactive marketing.

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