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Introduction To Marketing Communications

 Assuming you create a product for sale, how do you reach your potential customers?

You can't sell your product without people knowing about it. So, to make your product popular, you need to communicate with people. 

Today, there are different correspondence methodologies that assistance to advertise an item, further developing item reach, and enhancing business execution.

What is Marketing Communication?

Marketing communication is a strategy that a company or business person uses to spread the word about its products and services. Advertising specialized experts get ready various sorts of powerful correspondences and convey them to target crowds.

What is a Marketing Communications Tool?

Various mediums are used to attract the target audience. However, which tool to use depends on various factors such as the geographic location of your target audience, the popularity of your product, etc. Major tools popularly used for marketing communication:






sales promotion and advertising


personal selling

Press release

Why is marketing communication important?

The sole purpose of marketing communication is to increase sales through persuasive, informative, and positive messages. Marketing communication provides new information by promoting messages about products/services.

Marketing communication is about informing and persuading the target audience and strengthening the credibility of the marketer.

Marketing communication process

Communication literally means the transmission of information from sender to receiver. But in reality, it is a complex process with many other factors involved. However, Kotler gave one of the most effective models to define the marketing communication process (see picture below) –

The figure describes the different components - the first two components are the 'sender' and the 'receiver'. The other two components are 'messages' and 'media'. Other features of this model include 'encoding', 'decoding', 'feedback' and 'feedback'. And, the last feature is 'sound'. Voice random and other competing messages often disrupt communication.

This model focuses on key issues that play a vital role in effective communication. It is important to know the reaction of the market and your target audience before sending a message.

Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

Here are the key points to consider for effective marketing communication:

Inspired messaging - different customers have different needs and expectations; That's why it's so important to tailor your inspirational message accordingly.

Plan - Each mechanism of correspondence (like magazines, papers, TV, advanced media, or pamphlets) has its own plan and necessities. Therefore, you need to plan and structure your messages accordingly.

Feedback – You need to collect feedback from your audience; This will help you improve your marketing communications.

Marketing communication mix

Generally, marketing communication is a unified term that includes personal selling, direct response marketing, sales advertising, media advertising, and public relations. These are tools related to strategic activities to communicate with the target audience.


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