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Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)

Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)

The Informal Promoting Affiliation (WOMMA) is the authority exchange relationship for the informal exchange showcasing industry.. The organization promotes "best practices" and sets standards to govern how "fashion marketers" communicate with consumers. This has been a major issue ever since some of the earliest ad campaigns involved professional actors pretending to be everyday consumers in public places, such as tourist areas and bars, telling other people about the benefits of using a particular product or service. . Today, WOMMA members must adhere to a code of ethics that the group summarizes as Integrity ROI:

Honesty in relationships: You say who you speak for.

Opinion Honesty: Say what you believe.

Identity Integrity: Never Hide Your Identity Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association, “WOMMA Practical Ethics Toolkit,” (accessed July 19, 2008).

Ōẏārḍa apha mā'utha mārkēṭiṁ ayāsōsiẏēśana (WOMMA)


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