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Do Magnet Signs Get Attention?

Do Magnet Signs Get Attention?

Magnets are nothing new and neither are magnet signs, but they are growing in popularity for vehicles. Businesses are using them as well as political candidates, student drivers and others.

These signs are designed to be outside and can last up to four years even if outside daily all of that time. It is also fade resistant making it safe to be out in the sun. These come in a variety of sizes from 12x24 to 24x28 and can often be size customized as well. Sign makers create high quality magnet signs that are strong enough to be easily installed on any vehicle then easily removed, but remains in place during normal vehicle travel. That means going down the highway the magnet sign will stay secure on the vehicle.

Magnet signs are placed on a vehicle's door. It often has the company name, logo or graphic, contact information and a motto. It could be a company vehicle or a personal vehicle used for business. A company vehicle, such as a delivery truck, will have the sign on the door continually. A personal vehicle being used for business might be a pizza delivery worker or courier that will place the magnet sign on the doors when working and remove them when off duty. These magnet signs help increase visibility of the business as well because as the vehicle travels or is parked it will be seen. Therefore, it is a good source of advertising. It is also a good way of identifying a vehicle when they are traveling to meet someone for a work project. It presents a professional appearance and can be reassuring to the client.

Often when these signs are designed they have the same background color of the vehicle. It will make it look professional becomes one with the vehicle. It gives the illusion of being painted on without the cost of painting. An added benefit it can be removed and placed on another vehicle in the event that a vehicle needs replaced. Magnet signs then have at least one text color, but can also be full color, such as for a photo.

Magnet signs do get attention. People tend to be interested in reading information such as this even as a vehicle passes by while they are driving. When someone reads it they will be encourage to contact the business if they need the service. Sometimes these signs are provided free if a business has purchased yard signs for advertising use. Nevertheless, even if they are purchased they are cheap enough that one new sale will pay for the magnet sign and that customer might become a loyal customer. Therefore, not only is money made, but future sales might come from that new customer.

Sometimes it is a requirement for business delivery vehicles to be identified. A magnet sign will fulfill that need as well as being less expensive than other options. Sign makers know all the rules or at least how to find out about any regulations in a particular location. One example is the Department of Transportation rule of presenting mandatory information in a particular location on the identification sign. Having a sign maker take care of any requirements will help save a business owner any trouble or fees.

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