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5 Tips for Getting Your Business Noticed

5 Tips for Getting Your Business Noticed

Every business owner or manager wants to get their company or brand name noticed. Many larger companies have whole departments dedicated to marketing and promotions. The most successful companies never stop promoting their brand think of McDonald's and Nike. Getting noticed and maintaining that level visibility is an ongoing challenge in attracting attention to your business. Various tools and techniques like press releases and promotional items are some of the ways to get your company noticed.

Not every business is big enough to justify a marketing department, but most businesses have given marketing strategy some thought. Depending on the type of business you run and the kind of budget you have to play with, there are some marketing methods you can use to get your company noticed.

1. Brand

The first rule of marketing is to develop a brand for your company. This means picking a logo or design for your company name and sticking to it. It means creating an identity for your business that will remain consistent. You then begin to create brand awareness by various marketing and promotional campaigns.

2. Advertise

While not every business can afford advertising, sometimes it is one of those expenses that can yield excellent results. If your business services a particular industry then find an industry specific publication, in print or online and find out what type of ad you can afford. If you service a local area, then get yourself an ad in the local paper or do letter box drops in the area. If you're budget is a little bigger then why not try ads on TV, radio or at the local cinema. Depending on what your business is, finding the most effective and appropriate venue for you ad is essential.

3. Media

Mass media coverage is never a bad thing, you've heard of the adage 'any press is good press'. What most people don't know is that it can be quite easy to get free press. All you need is a story to attach to your business and there you have a press release. If your company is large, then think big and create a human-interest pitch for a current affairs show. If you are more local, then approach the local newspaper with an idea and they will run a piece on your in their paper for free.

4. Donations and Charity

Sometimes if you donate to a community institution, organisation or national charity you can get some great exposure for your business. Keeping in mind the target audience you are trying to reach, find a charity or organisation that will reach that audience. A local business can donate goods or services to a local school and receive a mention in their newsletter, reaching hundreds of parents. This method of marketing works in two ways, it gets you exposure and it also creates positive and socially minded associations with your brand.

5. Promotional Items

Promotional gifts are a great way to get your brand 'out there' for a relatively small cost. You can hand the items out at conferences, tradeshows, community events or in the mail and generate interest in your business and put your name in the hands of your target market.

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