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Strategy And Planning For Marketing Communications

 What is a strategy?

Defining marketing communication strategies is not an easy task as it depends on various variables. 

It is the planning and integration of all means of communication for a single purpose. In 1997, Smith et al defined marketing as a communication strategy. defined

"The sequence of messages or messages shared with a specific target audience by the optimal communication mix."

Marketing Communications Strategy Features

Before formulating a strategy, you need to consider the following three points as suggested by Michael Dahlan et al (2003):

Target Audience - Who are we trying to reach?

Motivational Messages - We Want to Tell Them

Chanel - How are we going to say that?

Marketing communication strategy process

To have a well planned and result oriented strategy, you need to follow a strategic process. The following diagram shows the main points of the marketing communication strategy process -

Marketing communication plan

Planning and strategy are very confusing terms and are often used interchangeably. However, there is the most important difference between them – planning is an internal issue and strategy is an external issue of the company. 

Second, it supports the strategy for carrying out the plan. The following figure shows the marketing communication plan -

Changing Trends of Marketing Communications

Today the trend of advertising and marketing communication has changed. Many companies including Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola etc are focusing more on digital marketing.

For example, according to the report, Nike's new campaign strategy for the future is to "compete through social media." Nike has cut its traditional marketing budget by 40%. His new strategy is to target 15-25 year olds through social media.

Another example is Adidas. The core strategy of the Adidas Group is:

Different brand portfolio

Investing focused on the most potential markets and channels

Creating a flexible supply chain

Innovation leads through

Building Teams Based on Our Heritage

Becoming a sustainable company


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