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Advertising Research

Advertising Research

●      Why do consumers prefer some brands over the others?

●      What makes them choose, buy, and invest in some product/service over others?

      What are the things/barriers or motivation to do so?

●      What is the perception of target audiences?

●      Does advertisement really change consumers’ behavior?

There are many questions of such kind that you need to think over, again and again before advertising your product/service. But the question is how will you get the answer? Answers to all these questions can be got through “Research.”

What is Advertising Research?

Advertising Research is a scientific technique of depth analysis of consumers’ behaviors.

It is done through a process, which involves systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data related to the effectiveness of an advertisement.

Objectives of Advertising Research

●   To Enhance Awareness − Through research, it is easy to plan the marketing strategy of any product/service.

●  To Know Attitudinal Pattern − A thorough research predicts the people’s attitude. It analyses the changing attitudinal pattern of a geographic area. Knowing the consumers’ attitude is very important before launching a new product and its advertisement.

● To Know People’s Action/Re-action − Research also records and analyzes people’s action or re-action regarding a particular product/service.

●  Analysis − Based on deep research and analysis, it is simple to design and develop a creative ad, effective enough to influence consumers.

Essentials of Advertising Research

Following are the essentials of advertising research that support researcher to complete the research task successfully −

● Research Equipment − It is the basic requirement of advertising research. It includes a skilled person, computer system with internet, and relevant newspapers and magazine. However, field research is also important. For example, interviewing people in the market or their residential places.

●  Media Research − To determine, which media is the most effective advertisement vehicle, media research is necessary. It helps to reach the potential customers in a short period of time and at lower cost.

● Marketing Trends − Knowledge of marketing trends help advertisers to know what products people are buying and what are the specific features of the products, which compels people to buy. With this information, manufacturers can modify their product according to the trend on competitive price.

● Target Audience − For any advertising research, it is very important to identify target audience and geographic location.

Benefits of Advertising Research

Conducting research before launching a new product and subsequently developing an ad has the following advantages −

●  Develops creative design and strategy − Once, all information is available, it is very simple to develop an eye-catching design. It also helps in making a well-defined strategy to develop your business.

● Identifies Opportunity in the Market − Research suggests — what is the right time to launch the product. It also tells, which geographical location is the best for the product.

● Measures Your Reputation − It is always beneficial to know your competitor’s reputation and credit in the market. It helps to develop faultless strategy.

●  Identifies Major Problems − Research helps to identify the potential problems.

●  Analyzes Progress − It helps to analyze the performance of your product. Likewise, you can monitor your progress.

●   Minimize the Risk − If you have done a thorough market research, there is least chance of failure.

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