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What Is Corporate Communications?

What is Corporate Communications?

Corporate communication is a strategy that encompasses all communication activities developed by the company to achieve its intended goals.

Corporate communication is an important activity because it creates strong and strong ideas, concepts, and positions that the company can rely on. Ultimately, it helps you grow your business.

How does corporate communication work?

Organizational communication -. works by

Organization - There should be continuity in the internal and external activities of the company.

Management – ​​The company needs to manage interactions with its employees and audience/customers.

Marketing Communications - The development and use of strategic marketing communications.

Types of corporate communication

Generally, corporate communication is called -. are classified as

Internal – This includes employees, shareholders, etc.

External - This includes agencies, channel partners, media, government, educational institutions, the general public, etc.

The following are corporate communications:

Company logo

Company Design (with font and typeface)

Company stationery (such as letterhead, visiting cards, greetings, etc.)

Internet branding

Code of Conduct (with HR)

Customer relations

Awards, Evaluations, and Recognition

Advertising, promotion, direct marketing, etc.

Site icon

Branding of personal and commercial vehicles

Responsibility for Corporate Communications

The major responsibilities of Corporate Communications are:

Corporate Communications Management

Practical corporate communication plan

Dealing with internal and external audiences

Dealing with the media

Dissemination and dissemination of corporate information

Brand management

Monitor and control market and audience response

Disaster management

Advice to employees and executives

Dispute resolution

Coordinate with stakeholders and other overseas clients

Marketing Communications vs Corporate Communications

The following table shows the difference between marketing communication and corporate communication.

Marketing Communications

Organizational communication

Its customers

There are many stakeholders

It is defined by the set of channels

It is defined by multiple channels

It emphasizes the product or service

It puts pressure on the whole company

More creativity

Low creativity

Communication is controlled

Diversification of communication

Product/service features to be followed

Must be consistent with corporate identity 


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