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Medium Of Advertisement

When planning to advertise your business/product/idea, you must decide which medium is best suited 

For running your advertisements, You can choose from a number of mediums from the list given below–

Print media

It is one of the oldest but still popular mediums of advertising. These include newspapers, brochures, magazines, and flyers. It is a low-budget advertising medium but at-. varies significantly depending on

Geographic location (city, village, etc.)

brands (newspapers and magazines), and

Location (how much and what part of the page are you booking).

Broadcast / Electronic Media

It is the most advanced and fastest medium, which reaches the most remote areas of the world in a minute.

These include radio, television, and the Internet. However, both video and audio can be played on television and on the Internet; Hence it is the most popular and effective medium.

External - This is the cheapest but most effective way. These include hoardings, flags, banners, hoardings, motor vehicles, building/fence covers, events, etc. Outdoor advertising is used in many ways to increase brand awareness and promote products/services.

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