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Campaign And Promotion

Let's say you have a good product or service that you are offering at an attractive price. 

But the question is - "How can I know about your quality product?"

Campaigns and promotions are activities and strategies that make your product popular among customers

What is a campaign?

The campaign is a focused term that promotes short-term targeted products/services. It uses various means of communication like leaflets, banners, roadside stalls, programs, etc.

Campaign objective

The campaign has a specific objective, the most important of which are:

Tell people - about launching a new product/service.

Tell people where to look.

Tell people - at what cost.

Tell people - when and for how long it will be available.

Tell people - what are the special features of the related products/services.

What is an effective campaign?

An effective campaign is a campaign for which a positive response soon erupts. To make your campaign more effective and result-oriented, you should consider the following:

Who - Indicates the target audience or target market

Where - Your target audience presents the geographic location and what mode of transportation you need to get there.

What – Indicates what message needs to be delivered to your target audience

Why - Indicates the purpose of your campaign.

When - Indicates the schedule (product availability).

How - Last but not least, you need to plan how you will manage the resources available to run your business.

Promotional plan

Planning is the most important aspect of your campaign. There is a series of steps from construction to implementation; Therefore, each step must be precisely defined.

The plan includes not only construction, budget allocation, and implementation but also the next phases. Once the campaign is started, you need to get feedback on it. Proper feedback appraisal is a great way to find out the maximum return on investment (ROI). This is also a lesson for the next campaign.

Progress process

An advertising campaign is a process that includes the following steps:

Check your progress

What is a campaign?

How useful is the campaign for promoting products/services?

What is an 'effective campaign'?

What are the stages of the progress process?


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