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Advertising Process

We see a lot of work in newspapers, magazines, and on roadside billboards, or in the advertisements you see on television or the Internet. Advertising passes through various stages from its initial planning stage to its implementation. Also, it includes special groups of people from different regions. Management, copy editing, creative writing, photography, videography, acting, etc.

Here are the basic steps for developing and running an ad:

The general workflow in an advertising agency


professional performance

in the early stages

Idea briefing to an advertising agency

internal discussion

Market research related to advertising (to find competition, customer behavior, and target audience)

Media selection (print, electronic or external)

setting a budget

stages of development

Advertising design and production (creative/copywriting, filming, etc.)

Internal Review / Edit

Identify the customer and get his final approval

Ad's final output

trial run

Approval of the concerned authority

Advertisement timing and location

practice position

Media schedule and media booking

delivered to the media for life


Monitor media releases

watching the show

Pay attention to customer reviews

market reaction


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