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What is an advertisement?

 What is an advertisement?

Advertising (advertising) is an efficient and effective strategy for promoting products, services and ideas. It is a paid form of non-personal communication where business information is made available to potential customers.

Advertising is derived from the Latin word "advertere" which literally means "...to turn the mind towards". Advertising promotes and complements the sale of products, services and ideas. The most attractive part of advertising is – it pairs factual information with attractive emotional appeal. That's why no business can flourish without proper advertising.

What is buzz?

The literal meaning of "hum" is "a low, continuous hum or buzzing sound." In the advertising sense, it is a marketing strategy. It is going viral these days. Buzz marketing strategies rely on the power of personalized messages face-to-face.

It is believed that word of mouth is more important for the consumers. Buzz marketing is considered a neutral form of marketing as people rely on recommendations made by their relatives and friends. Social media is the most powerful medium for buzz marketing.






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