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How To Get More Traffic To Your Websites

How To Get More Traffic To Your Websites

Anyone who has a business online or wants one knows they must learn how to get traffic. There are dozens of ways to get traffic going and get eyeballs looking at your site. Remember it doesn't matter how many websites you have if there is no traffic coming to them then you won't make money period. So take some time to learn about all the ways to start generating traffic. Some effective methods are written in this article.

The Big SEO - Search Engine optimization

If you master SEO it will teach you a lot about how to get more traffic. This method of traffic is more geared for longer term as opposed to PPC which we will discuss below. SEO produces results over time and consists mainly of getting quality back links with article marketing, blogging, using a signature file on forums and commenting. Other methods of Search Engine optimization include link swapping, and link baiting.

Cost Effective Pay Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is both cost effective if you know what you are doing and expensive if you don't. Traffic is fast and there really isn't an easier way to get instant traffic this method is in the paid traffic method camp. If you use PPC spend some time learning about it and developing keyword lists and bidding practices. Learn the difference between long tail keywords and how to split test campaigns to better spend your money.

One Great Traffic Method - Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been around for many years and is a great way to get more traffic and it can be free. You should put an opt-in form on all the sites you have out there on the web. Getting subscribers to your newsletters can be very profitable as you can send them promotions over and over again for years. A lot of visitors to your site won't buy the first time so if you have their email address you have another chance to send them to the site.

Contextual Pay Per View Advertising (PPV) or (CPV)

No doubt you have heard of shareware or adware well this is when you agree to install software on your computer like a toolbar. This will then track your browsing habits, search patterns, and preferences and which sites you go to. The idea is to then place ads in context to sites that you visit thereby targeting your likes. You will be able to place these ads on a CPM basis (cost per impression) and make them very targeted to your audience. You can use networks like TrafficVance, MediaTraffic, LeadImpact, and DirectCPV.

Affiliate Marketing

Making things easy for affiliates that will sell your product is another best practise on how to get more traffic. Offering a bonus to affiliates will get them interested in sending traffic to your site. You will need to offer some other tools like articles they can use and graphics like banners and even some text ads for PPC campaigns. The more you do for your affiliates the more they will do in sending more traffic and making you more money.


By building an email list of as many subscribers as you can you then have a free traffic method and can drive prospective customers to your websites at any time. You must offer value in the form of a free downloadable eBook or a video or something that the person opting in can use.

Social Media and Viral Marketing

When you are researching on how to get more traffic you will come up with social media and want to give it a try but it can be tricky to quantify the traffic. You may have fun doing it and it can be effective here are some of the best places: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, and LinkdIn as well as a host of others. You want to entice people to go to your site and get a free thing and make it entertaining and fun for people, engage them they say.

With these many ways to get more traffic I'm sure you will come up with a few more once you look around. It is good to utilize a few methods but concentrate on a couple and get good at them before moving on to more methods of getting more traffic. Being an expert helps as people see you and trust that you know what you are doing and will want to follow you. Do all this and get more traffic which should end up in more profits.

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