Tuesday, October 18, 2022

What Is Advertisement?

Advertising is an efficient and effective strategy for promoting products, services, and ideas. 

It is a form of non-personal communication where business information is made available to potential customers.

Advertisement is derived from the Latin word "advertiser" which literally means "distraction...". Advertising promotes and complements the sale of a wide range of products, services, and ideas.

The most interesting part of advertising is that it contains genuine information with interesting emotional appeal. Hence no business can grow without proper advertising.

What is Buzz?

The literal meaning of "buzz" is "slow, continuous resonance or resonance." In the sense of advertising, it is a marketing strategy. Nowadays it is going viral. Buzz's marketing strategies rely on the power of personalized face-to-face messages.

It is believed that word of mouth gives more weight to consumers. Lightning marketing is considered a proper form of marketing, people rely on the recommendations of their relatives and friends. Social media is the most powerful medium of buzz marketing.


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