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National Advertising Review Board (NARC)

 National Advertising Review Board (NARC)

To discourage the need for governments to pass additional laws that would limit their activities, advertising agencies strictly monitor themselves to limit violations. To do this, the advertising industry created the National Advertising Review Council (NARC- no, that kind of drug) in 1971.

 The group is a strategic alliance of four major trade organizations: AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies), ANA (Association of National Advertisers), and AAF (American Advertising Association) and the Council of Better Business Bureaus Inc.

The system is maintained by two agencies that investigate allegations of abuse or fraud: the National Advertising Division (NAD) and the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU). If an advertiser disagrees with a NAD or CARU decision, they can file an appeal with the National Advertising Review BoardThe framework covers publicizing in conventional

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 media as well as on the Web.Most cases are resolved this way — 95 percent, in fact. American Association of Advertising Agencies, “Working with the Industry,” (accessed July 19, 2008); National Advertising Review Board, (accessed July 19, 2008); Federal Communications Commission, “About the FCC,” (accessed July 19, 2008).

A 2007 case involving a very public dispute between two online dating services illustrates how NAD works to ensure advertisements are as fair and accurate as possible. One site,, claims in its advertisement "Do you see people kissing in public?" Does he answer questions like this? too "Is your ring finger longer than your pointer?""It can anticipate whether they have "dating science" to coordinate.Competitor eHarmony.

com disputed the claim and brought its accusations to the Negotiation Affairs Department. After investigating the scientific basis for the claim, the department determined that chemistry could not support their argument in fact. As a result, matchmakers will have to find other ways to compete with the $700 million Americans spend each year finding their dream partner online. Jessica E. Vasellaro," Controllers Say Love Isn't "Science": Logical Cases by Dating Administration Experience harsh criticism, Money Road Diary, Sept.17, 2007, B5.



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What is the National Advertising Review Council (NARC)?

The Advertising Self-Regulatory Council (ASRC) (formerly known as the National Advertising Review Council) is a self-regulatory organization founded in 1971 by the American Advertising Federation, the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Association of National Advertisers, and the Council of Better...

What is the role of National Advertising Review Board?

Five-member NARB panels hear cases appealing NAD or CARU decisions and provide independent industry peer review, ensure truth and accuracy in national advertising, and help promote voluntary compliance with its decisions—a key pillar of industry self-regulation.

What was the purpose of the National Advertising Review Board established in 1971?

The initiative was created to increase consumer confidence in the truth and accuracy of dietary supplement product advertising claims and to promote fair competition within the industry.






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