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What Is Advertisement - Code of Ethics?

We hear such news from time to time. 

Often, in order to increase sales and achieve success in less time, some business/individual makes false promises, use unethical language, or claims to be better than their competitors. These actions are illegal.

Therefore, to avoid conflict or disagreement, it is important to promote fair and equal competition and to protect the rights, dignity, and integrity of all. To do this, advertising rules are created.

What is the code of conduct for advertising?

The Code of Conduct defines the legal and ethical rules and regulations for creating and promoting advertising. It prevents the advertiser from advertising any product/service through unreliable, false, and unethical information.

Such language and information can harm one's fundamental rights, professional reputation and tarnish one's reputation. Therefore, the law prohibits any form of advertising that violates public values, customs, and morals.

Also, it discourages the creation of any form of advertising in order to maintain fair competition, with derogatory comparisons with other similar products (of the same type or different).

Objectives of the Code of Conduct for Advertising

When dealing with advertising, you need to keep the most important thing in mind – you need to build healthy, hopeful, and lasting public relations.

The objective of the Code of Conduct is to maintain fair competition and protect the rights of every individual. The Code of Conduct helps advertisers regulate their communications and set ethical standards for developing self-regulated advertising. Advertising ethical standards prohibit advertisements that make false claims and are not within the normal range of etiquette.

Ad validity

The accompanying kinds of notices are thought of as unlawful/unethical and are disallowed by law -

False or misleading information - No advertisement must contain a claim that is false, misleading, or unclear to the public. These include false promises, partial truths, exaggerated promises, false values, etc. It is important to note that this type of content is not limited to oral or written claims, it also applies to images, videos, and other types of content. Display

False Testimonials - When someone votes for a product/service or talks about their experience, they should not give false information. The law discourages false and misleading testimony.

Inflammatory speech - Any kind of speech, derogatory words, immoral comparison, etc. is prohibited. Offensive phrases include race, nationality, profession, race, gender, social background, age, religion, language, etc. Contains any offensive remarks about

Offensive Content – ​​All material used in advertising, such as verbal and text communications, audio, video, and images, must be related to the general public. Any material used in advertising that is offensive, obscene, or obscene to the general public is illegal by practice standards.

Consequences of dishonest advertising

If any person violates the code of conduct and promotes dishonest advertising in any way, he will be liable for damages caused by unethical or illegal advertising. He may be punished and ordered to pay -

The amount of compensation (determined by the court) is equal to the loss of money, health or life or any other legal entity.

Moral compensation.

All compensation.

The "Code for Self-regulation in Advertising Related Sections" was adopted by the "Advertising Standards Council of India" in November 1985 under section 2(ii)f of its Articles of Association. In addition, they were revised in 1995 and 1999.

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