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Classification Of Advertisement

Advertising is the promotion of a company's products and services through various means to increase sales of products and services. 

It works by making the customer aware of the product and focusing on the need of the customer to purchase the product. Globally, advertising has become an integral part of the corporate world. That's why companies spend most of their revenue on advertising budgets. Advertising also serves to build a brand of the product which goes a long way in making effective sales.

There are several types of affiliates that companies can use. Let us discuss them in detail.

Printed Advertisement - 

Printed media has been used for advertising for a long time. Newspapers and magazines are popular mediums for advertising companies around the world. Using print media companies can advertise their products through brochures and flyers. 

Newspapers and magazines sell advertising space and the cost depends on many factors. The amount of space, the page of the publication, and the type of paper determine the value of the ad. So the ad on the next page will be more expensive than on the inside page. Likewise, advertising with a glossy complement to paper will be more expensive than medium-grade paper.

Broadcast advertising - 

This type of advertising is very popular all over the world. This includes television, radio, or Internet advertising. Television commercials have a huge audience and are very popular. The cost of an ad depends on the length of the ad and the time the ad appears. 

For example, prime-time ads will be more expensive than regular ads. Not only is radio advertising what it was after the advent of television and the Internet, but there is also a certain audience for radio advertising. Radio jingles are very popular among different sections of society and help in selling the products.

Outdoor Advertising - 

Outdoor advertising uses a variety of tools to attract customers. Billboards, kiosks and events, and trade shows are effective ways of conveying a company's message. There are billboards all over the city but the text should be attractive to the customers. 

The kiosk also serves as a convenient outlet for products and information outlets for the public. Organizing events such as trade fairs and exhibitions to promote a product or service is also a way of promoting a product. Therefore, outdoor advertising is an effective advertising tool.

Covert advertising - 

This is a unique form of advertising where a product or message is subtly incorporated into a film or TV series. No real ads, just a product mentioned in the movie. For example, Tom Cruise used a Nokia phone in the Minority Report movie.

Public Service Advertisement – ​​

As the title suggests, this type of advertisement is for the general public. There are many important issues like AIDS, political integrity, energy conservation, illiteracy, poverty, etc. This type of advertisement is very important nowadays and is an effective means of conveying the message.


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