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The fast food business in India is growing. Some main types of food items are made in it like Burgers, Egg Rolls, Noodles, Manchurian etc. Here we are talking about the small fast food business, not the franchise of big companies. In such small fast food business, the person who makes fast food is the owner of that business.
People who specializes in making fast food in their homes can start this business. You do not need much cost to open a quick delicatessen . Just to form nutriment you'll need Rent for Ingredients and Shop. This is even better if you have your own place to shop.


Nowadays, most people find a place to print Invitation Cards for their various types of Meeting, Birthday, Marriage and many other events. In such a situation, this business is on top in today's era. According to your experience or knowledge, you can start your business by doing any one of the Niche like wedding, birthday, meeting or any one of the coaches. If you've got good knowledge about printer , Designing then you'll earn tons of cash during this business.


This is a really new Business Idea which is becoming trendy in these 1-2 years. This business is especially for creative minded people. In this, you do not need to invest anything. All you have to do is use your mind and decorate your customer with their money. It can have many types of places like home, office, apartments, school etc.


This is a really new Business Idea which is becoming trendy in these 1-2 years. This business is especially for creative minded people. In this, you do not need to invest anything. All you have to do is use your mind and decorate your customer with their money. It can have many types of places like home, office, apartments, school etc.


Recruiting Agency is a great Low Investment Business Idea in which you need to find good jobs for people. In this business, your main task is to complete the vacancies in different companies by getting people a temporary or Permanent Job. To start this business you will get less investment but it requires a very strong business plan. For example, a good experience, knowledge of job creation methods, law and license related information, tax and a better marketing plan are required.


This business can be temporary as well as Permanent. Today, a lot of people are doing this on the Internet. A freelancer are those self employed people who take some money and use their skills to complete another task. For example, if someone wants to make people of his company, some things related to the website have to be improved, by writing an article for someone or any work that is not known to another person. You do not have to make any kind of investment for trading Freelancer.


If you already have a business or you have a shop whose products are not selling properly, then the best Idea is to sell your products on the Online Shopping website. The biggest advantage of this is that you will get more customers online and sales will also be more. There is no foundation for you in this, because if you live in Delhi, then you can deliver the goods from home to every city and village in India.


If you have interest in Dance and you dance very well and if people want to learn dance from you then you can start your own Dance Classes. You can make your dance style your identity. If you want, you can also take Dance Classes in your house, if you do not have that much space in your house then you can also take place in the rent. You can take both group and private classes as per your convenience.


Do you do a lot of stitching and you love to design clothes and are looking for a job? If this is the case then I want to tell you that this is not the time to find a job, but this time to do your own sewing and clothes designing business.


Beauty Parlor is a very fast growing business of new generation worldwide. The salon and beauty parlor is a great business to this day with a lot of Opportunity, especially for women entrepreneurs who are experts in this thing. You can start a beauty parlor for very little money. You need some good cosmetic products to get started, also beauty tools and a good place for parlor, it can be your home or a rented place.


Nowadays electronic products are everywhere whether home or office. Whether it is a TV or a Cooler, the use of electronic chooses is increasing every day, and the faster the use of it, the faster the electronic machines are getting worse. In such a situation, there is a great need for electronic equipment repairing business. So whenever you open a repair shop for electronic things, it will do a lot. The cost in this business is very low but it is very important to have a good experience with a Training Certificate.


Yes, you can start your tuition center at home as per your education qualification. In today's era, there are many young boys and girls who are also studying and also taking Tuition Classes in their homes. In this business, your earning is above your time and in investment you need a house. If you want to start a small Tuition Center then you can also start by mixing the teachers of some other Subjects.


Starting a grocery may be a very easy business. In this, you just have to buy groceries from the wholesale of the groceries and people have to sell them at retail prices. One of the biggest tasks in this business is to keep a correct record of the purchases and sales of your items.


This business is very good for newcomers. It has a very small investment and in this new era about 70 Percent people are crazy about ice cream. All you need is a good place where you can start an ice cream parlor. Some more small things like ice-cream making, machine and fridge to store ice cream.


An ebook is an electronic version of a book that can be read on mobile phones and computers. In today's online world, a lot of people buy and sell Ebooks on the Internet. If you like writing books, then you can make an electronic version and sell it on the Internet and earn a lot of money.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Design checklist

Once the advertisement is created, the following topics should not be published without checking -

Does the ad show all the elements in a balanced way?

Does the ad have all the necessary elements including punchline/headline, logo, content, price, and balanced image?

Does the advertisement make any false promises?

Are there any deceptive elements in the advertisement?

Does the ad include a clear, precise, and clear presentation?

Check your progress

What is creative design?

Shouldn't something be said about the main highlights of a publicizing business?

What is a 'Creative Design Strategy'?

What should you look for after creating a creative design?

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Creative Design Techniques

A clear idea and well-defined strategy are an integral part of creative design. Here is a portion of the vital components of the technique:

Simplicity - Try to keep the layout simple. Large image at the top, title at the bottom, a content section in center, logo, and address at the bottom right.

Balance - To focus on specific points, you need to create inequalities in the design. The main part of creative design is to arrange all the elements including images, blocks, captions, body parts, and images so that they look balanced.

Proportion - The size and color of all graphic elements should be determined by their importance and the environment around the image. For example, the original idea, image, or design should be large, bright, and bold so that it stands out from the rest of the elements (shown in the picture below).

Integration - First find the focal point of the ad where you want people to focus. Once done, highlight the campus and background design and color as the focal point. One thing to always remember is that all of your design elements – visual language and presentation – must come together.

Contrast - Create contrast so that it draws people's attention. For example, an apple in a bunch of mangoes attracts attention.

Continuity - Maintain continuity. Attractive advertising requires page-to-page consistency. It helps people to understand the meaning of different components of advertisement.

Photo Design - Usually a picture attracts people first. Picking a good image and putting it in an ad is another great way to get people's attention (see picture below).

Proximity - Proximity is the most important element in creative design. It forces people to think about the design (advertising). Therefore, it is the job of the brain to build closeness. For example, remember the Marlboro cigarette ad – a combination of old western mythological images, cigarettes, horses, cowboys, and priest images. The ad was an instant hit.

Color Design - Choosing a color is also a very important task. Normally, black and white are annoying, but some ads claim to be black and white only.

Ads that need to be colorful must be carefully designed to maintain consistency and volume. Excessive use of color or excessive brightness distracts people's attention.

Monday, December 27, 2021

How to Develop Creative Advertising Design?

Designing means creative thinking and creative thinking totally depends on a clear understanding of the objectives of a project. Once the project is clear, a little market research is needed to understand the behavior of potential customers.

The punchline, interesting title, content summary, and related images (if any) should be understood in advance. If you have all the tools ready, you can develop a creative design.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Advertising Design

Some advertisements in the newspaper or on television attract people immediately, even if they do not need the product. 

Why? This is just because of its beautiful design, communication power, and attractive performance. As such, design is one of the most basic characteristics of advertising. 

What is Advertising Design? 

There are no magic formulas or predefined rules for combining lines, colors, images, typefaces, and other graphic elements to create compelling ads. However, the design depends on the needs of the customer and the features, functionality, size, and appearance of the product. 

A thoughtful layout and design implementation have a profound impact on customers. The cleverly crafted design encourages or compels people to buy the product.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Medium Of Advertisement

When planning to advertise your business/product/idea, you must decide which medium is best suited 

For running your advertisements, You can choose from a number of mediums from the list given below–

Print media

It is one of the oldest but still popular mediums of advertising. These include newspapers, brochures, magazines, and flyers. It is a low-budget advertising medium but at-. varies significantly depending on

Geographic location (city, village, etc.)

brands (newspapers and magazines), and

Location (how much and what part of the page are you booking).

Broadcast / Electronic Media

It is the most advanced and fastest medium, which reaches the most remote areas of the world in a minute.

These include radio, television, and the Internet. However, both video and audio can be played on television and on the Internet; Hence it is the most popular and effective medium.

External - This is the cheapest but most effective way. These include hoardings, flags, banners, hoardings, motor vehicles, building/fence covers, events, etc. Outdoor advertising is used in many ways to increase brand awareness and promote products/services.

Check your progress

* What is the advertising process?

* What about the most important features of an advertising business?

* What is an 'advertising medium'?

* What is the purpose of advertising?

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Department Of Advertisement

There are three main areas of advertising:

Advertiser - A business or other person who seeks to advertise its products, services, or ideas.

Advertising Agency - A service firm that creates innovative ideas and creates interesting and meaningful advertisements.

Media - A communication platform that provides a relevant and effective medium for advertising.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Advertising Process

We see a lot of work in newspapers, magazines, and on roadside billboards, or in the advertisements you see on television or the Internet. Advertising passes through various stages from its initial planning stage to its implementation. Also, it includes special groups of people from different regions. Management, copy editing, creative writing, photography, videography, acting, etc.

Here are the basic steps for developing and running an ad:

The general workflow in an advertising agency


professional performance

in the early stages

Idea briefing to an advertising agency

internal discussion

Market research related to advertising (to find competition, customer behavior, and target audience)

Media selection (print, electronic or external)

setting a budget

stages of development

Advertising design and production (creative/copywriting, filming, etc.)

Internal Review / Edit

Identify the customer and get his final approval

Ad's final output

trial run

Approval of the concerned authority

Advertisement timing and location

practice position

Media schedule and media booking

delivered to the media for life


Monitor media releases

watching the show

Pay attention to customer reviews

market reaction

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Objectives of Advertisements

The crucial thought behind the commercial is to expand the business by selling products/administrations. In addition, there are numerous different destinations of notice, critical of them are −

●     To promote newly launched products among potential customers.

●      To promote a personal selling program.

●      To create awareness among maximum people about your business in a short period of time.

●      To enter national or even international market and motivate a new group of customers.

●      To enhance the goodwill and build credibility among the customers by promising to provide a better quality of products and services.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Classification Of Advertisement

Advertising is the promotion of a company's products and services through various means to increase sales of products and services. 

It works by making the customer aware of the product and focusing on the need of the customer to purchase the product. Globally, advertising has become an integral part of the corporate world. That's why companies spend most of their revenue on advertising budgets. Advertising also serves to build a brand of the product which goes a long way in making effective sales.

There are several types of affiliates that companies can use. Let us discuss them in detail.

Printed Advertisement - 

Printed media has been used for advertising for a long time. Newspapers and magazines are popular mediums for advertising companies around the world. Using print media companies can advertise their products through brochures and flyers. 

Newspapers and magazines sell advertising space and the cost depends on many factors. The amount of space, the page of the publication, and the type of paper determine the value of the ad. So the ad on the next page will be more expensive than on the inside page. Likewise, advertising with a glossy complement to paper will be more expensive than medium-grade paper.

Broadcast advertising - 

This type of advertising is very popular all over the world. This includes television, radio, or Internet advertising. Television commercials have a huge audience and are very popular. The cost of an ad depends on the length of the ad and the time the ad appears. 

For example, prime-time ads will be more expensive than regular ads. Not only is radio advertising what it was after the advent of television and the Internet, but there is also a certain audience for radio advertising. Radio jingles are very popular among different sections of society and help in selling the products.

Outdoor Advertising - 

Outdoor advertising uses a variety of tools to attract customers. Billboards, kiosks and events, and trade shows are effective ways of conveying a company's message. There are billboards all over the city but the text should be attractive to the customers. 

The kiosk also serves as a convenient outlet for products and information outlets for the public. Organizing events such as trade fairs and exhibitions to promote a product or service is also a way of promoting a product. Therefore, outdoor advertising is an effective advertising tool.

Covert advertising - 

This is a unique form of advertising where a product or message is subtly incorporated into a film or TV series. No real ads, just a product mentioned in the movie. For example, Tom Cruise used a Nokia phone in the Minority Report movie.

Public Service Advertisement – ​​

As the title suggests, this type of advertisement is for the general public. There are many important issues like AIDS, political integrity, energy conservation, illiteracy, poverty, etc. This type of advertisement is very important nowadays and is an effective means of conveying the message.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

What Is Advertisement?

Advertising is an efficient and effective strategy for promoting products, services, and ideas. 

It is a form of non-personal communication where business information is made available to potential customers.

Advertisement is derived from the Latin word "advertiser" which literally means "distraction...". Advertising promotes and complements the sale of a wide range of products, services, and ideas.

The most interesting part of advertising is that it contains genuine information with interesting emotional appeal. Hence no business can grow without proper advertising.

What is Buzz?

The literal meaning of "buzz" is "slow, continuous resonance or resonance." In the sense of advertising, it is a marketing strategy. Nowadays it is going viral. Buzz's marketing strategies rely on the power of personalized face-to-face messages.

It is believed that word of mouth gives more weight to consumers. Lightning marketing is considered a proper form of marketing, people rely on the recommendations of their relatives and friends. Social media is the most powerful medium of buzz marketing.

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